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Date Title Presentation Handouts
Various - From October 2018 Earlier Handout Materials can be found in the Members Only Section of this WebSite See Members Only WebSite Section
October 1, 2019 Preparing for a Research Trip Preparing for a Research Trip
November 5, 2019 How to Use FamilySearch See  Members Only Section
December 3, 2019
Mining Collateral Lines for Fun
and Genealogical Profit
(available 30 days only)
January 7, 2020 Who Were the Passengers of the Mayflower? Who Were the Passengers?
February 4, 2020 Fifteen Ways to Make Family History More Than Just a Name and Date See Members Only WebSite Section
March 3, 2020 What Can You Do With Your DNA? What Can You Do With Your DNA?
April 7, 2020
Newspapers and Genealogical Research
by Bryan L Mulcahy 
May 5, 2020
Researching in New York (or any state)
by Ray Maki
Researching in New York
July 7, 2020
Researching in a New Location
by Peggy Jude
Researching in a New Location
August 4, 2020
Family Tree Maker Explained
by Peggy Jude
Family Tree Maker Explained
September 1, 2020
Family Research Gold in Real
Estate Records
by Kathleen Bird, JD
October 6, 2020
Think You Know the Census?
by Peggy Jude
Think You Know the Census
November 3, 2020
Tap into Your Inner Private Eye:
9 Strategies for Finding Living Relatives
by Lisa Louise Cooke
Members Only Section
December 1, 2020
Google Technology for Genealogy 
 by Lori Coffey
Google Technology for Genealogy
January 5, 2021
Getting Past Brick Walls
by George G. Morgan
Available in Members Only Section
March  2, 2021
DNA: Ask Me Anything (DNA)
By Angie Bush
View Entire Presentation
(Available for 30 days in Members Only
April 6, 2021
Tracing Ancestors in Colonial America
by Bryan Mulcahy